alisdairo (alisdairo) wrote,

A better day.

A vastly better day, in fact. Plumber came, muttered something like 'bloody hell, that's been leaking a long time' when he saw the floorboards, and fixed the leak! Chattered to him about a very strange noise the heating had been making, and he twiddled a knob, mentioned that someone had been a bit stupid, and appears to have fixed that, too. Which is good, since it was loud and deeply disturbing sounding. He assured me that there were plenty of failsafes, but it had a distinct 'this is about to blow the hell up' quality about it. Also it kept waking me up, so, good.

After this, I checked my mail, and lo and behold, the Revenoo have sent me the tax rebate I claimed. For a year where I only worked 7 or 8 months, plus a bonus of about £250 from the previous year that I'd completely forgotten about. Which would mean that until I pay for the honeymoon, I am briefly feeling the shining happiness of lots of money in the pocket. Rah. I should quit work more often.
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