alisdairo (alisdairo) wrote,


My lovely fiance decided to take me out last night, and a rather excellent experience it was too. I'm settling in nicely into having no money and sponging off her for everything, so it's a doubly good experience to have her wanting to treat me as well :).

We went to the Blue Keys hotel, which I had never heard of before. It is on a road off the Avenue just past the Cowherds in Southampton. There was a fantastic set of live entertainment on, with a group of singers performing show tunes, and some absolutely fantastic food - they do the best chocolate torte IN THE WORLD. Added to which, the atmosphere was really pleasant, and the service was very friendly. I'd recommend it exstremely highly.

And, in the afternoon beforehand, I'd spent a couple of hours karting! How good a Wednesday is that?
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