alisdairo (alisdairo) wrote,

Someone's talking sense...

And, crazily, that man is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The way we behave about climate change, particularly towards the US, is absolutely nuts. Whoever thought that it was a good idea to try purely to guilt people into changing their lifestyle? Sure, you can tell people that what they're doing is bad for the world, but if that's all you do, don't be surprised if they become defensive and tell you to go to hell.

Most of the population of Europe's stance towards the US regarding climate change can basically be summed up as "Haha, we're better than you". Whilst I see the joy in the realisation that finally, finally, we really do have larger penises than them, it's unlikely to actually get us anywhere, vis-a-vis world saving exploits. The US is a country that runs on inspiration. Whatever their flaws, its people generally believe that they are trying to do the right thing. They're the good guys. They were the good guys when they helped us in WW2, they were the good guys when they stopped us from becoming communist sattelite states during the cold war, and they're the good guys now. Only, we keep telling them how awful they are, and that they're killing the Earth, just because they want the good life. Looking at it from their point of view, wouldn't you be defensive too?

What's needed is not a giant ego trip over just how environmentally friendly we are, but a real attempt to market the benefits of acting in a more environmentally friendly way towards the US, and indeed other countries. Instead of telling them how horrible they are, we could tell them how if they bent their fantastic ability to innovate towards solving climate change, if they managed to invent the best mechanisms for producing energy cleanly, they could sell them and make themselves rich. We could tell them that they could save money by simple efficiency measures that also save the earth. We could tell them that they could attain energy independence from the rest of the world, particularly the middle east. We could turn climate change into the next big enemy after hitler, communism, and terrorism, the thing that they need to save both themselves and the world from.

But, as of right now, we just use censure. Which seems a bit of a shame.
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